Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Collective housing projects and their micro/macrocosms: an example from Leipzig

Here you can hear a conversation (2013) with an activist living in a collective housing project in Leipzig. Leipzig is a city of about half a million people located in the former GDR, towards the west of which there is currently a lot of collective housing projects being established. Most of them function on the basis of collective purchase. In this area of town there is a huge amount of infrastructures that support experimental ways of living together, from initiatives advising new house collectives in matters related to legal structures, renovation and finances (such as AG Beratung), or in relation to group processes and conflict mediation (such as Modem), community gardens (such as Nachbarschaftsgärten), food cooperatives (such as Rote Beete with its distribution points in various collective houses). Additionally, there are also connections to larger solidarity structures such as the Mietshäuser Syndikat which is developing models of collective ownership.

Below is the map we are drawing throughout the conversation (click to enlarge, it's high res).

Mapping of collective housing project and surroundings-context, Leipzig, 2013

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